Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Inches to Miles

5th level, Range: Self, Duration: 1 hour

This spell lays a brief but powerful enchantment on the fabric of space, bending it such that the enchanter may travel many miles in a short moment. Once the spell is cast, the enchanter may make either one or two steps. As the spell's common name implies, the length of each step is greatly magnified -- inches are literally transformed into miles. The following possibilities exist:
  • Road travel: a step may take the enchanter far along a road upon which he stands. Up to three junctions may be navigated.
  • As the crow flies: the enchanter may travel in a straight line, landing at ground level.
  • Step back: as the spell allows two steps to be taken, it is possible for the enchanter to travel to a distant location then return by turning around and making a reverse step, returning to his original location. After the first step has been made, the enchanter must decide whether to end the spell, leaving him in the new location, or to maintain it. In the latter case, the caster must remain stationary, taking no steps until he wishes to return to the original location. Making any steps except the returning stride ends the spell.
A simple means of calculating the maximum length of a step is to halve the character's height in inches. This is this the maximum number of miles that can be travelled with the enchanted stride.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

High Horse

1st level, Range: 30', Duration: 2d6 rounds

This cantrap has several applications. Cast upon a person of haughty or arrogant disposition, it brings about a brief spell of humility. Cast upon a horse (with or without rider) it either lifts the beast unwittingly into the air (up to 20') or evokes in it a mood of high folly, as if drunken or moonstruck. In all cases, a saving throw versus spells may be made to resist.

A higher level enchanter may affect one subject per three experience levels.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Gingerbread Charm

1st level, Range: 5', Duration: Special

Casting this charm upon a figure of freshly baked gingerbread causes it to come to life. The spell affects a single animal or humanoid figure, to a maximum size of 1'. Living gingerbread creatures have a movement rate of 30' (10'), an armour class of 9, 1d3 hit points, and cannot attack in any meaningful way. They are, however cunning (INT of 12) and very stealthy (able to go unnoticed on a 1-4 on 1d6).

The wizard who gave life to the creature is able to communicate with it via a limited form of telepathy which only functions when the two make eye contact (assuming the gingerbread creature has eyes of some kind) and enter into a brief hypnotic trance. The personality of the gingerbread creature is one of the following, determined at random (secretly by the referee):
  1. Loving. Wants nothing more than to cuddle and nestle with its creator.
  2. Duplicitous. Outwardly friendly to its creator yet secretly strives to undermine his plans. What does the creature do at night while mortals sleep?
  3. Adventurous. Lusts after travel and new experiences. Will abandon a staid creator.
  4. Contrary. Stubbornly refuses to obey its creator. If left to its own devices, may create beautiful things.
  5. Homely. Loves to help with household chores.
  6. Hateful. Takes pleasure in causing pain (especially physical) to living creatures, including its creator.
  7. Wise. Its head is empty of knowledge and experience, but the creature is surprisingly perceptive when asked for moral or personal advice.
  8. Demanding. Has extremely high standards of living. Will have tantrums if it doesn't get its way.
As a form of construct, gingerbread creatures do not require air, food, or water for sustenance, and are immune to poisons. They may, however, be affected by spells of charm and mind manipulation, including (curiously) sleep.

Living gingerbread creatures naturally perish after 24 hours, disintegrating into crumbs as the enchantment which binds them dissipates. They may, however, be kept alive indefinitely if fed small quantities of one of the following substances daily: mercury, fine rum, human blood. (The liquid stains their mouths.)

The spell may also be cast upon a normal loaf of bread, enchanting it such that the hair of anyone who eats part of it will turn permanently bright red.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Forget-Me-Not (reversible)

3rd level, Range: Touch, Duration: Permanent

This hex operates by means of a dainty, unassuming flower, which must be proffered by the enchanter and accepted in good faith by the one to be enspelled. The spell may be cast up to one minute before the flower is proffered, but delaying any longer causes the magic to dissipate. The one accepting the enchanted gift finds that, from that moment on, their thoughts return inevitably to the one who gave it to them, remembering the gesture with the utmost fondness.

The reversed version of this spell, forget-me, must be cast under the same circumstances, but causes the subject to utterly forget the enchanter's existence.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Exceedingly Good Cake

5th level, Range: Touch, Duration: Permanent

A cake of exceptional quality is enchanted such that the alignment of the first person to eat of it is permanently altered to the most righteous and virtuous hue of goodness. A saving throw versus spells is allowed, with a -1 penalty if the cake was baked by the wizard casting the spell. Those of previously evil bent may be overwhelmed with regret at their former deeds.

Alternatively, the wizard may cast this spell in order to conjure artisan cakes, gateaux, pastries, doughnuts, or pies totalling up to one cubic foot in volume per level of the caster.

Saturday, 4 April 2015

Doorman Hex

2nd level, Range: 10', Duration: Special

Uttered beside a doorway, this hex has two possible uses:

1. It may cause a single doorman or guard to grant the wizard passage through the portal. A wizard of higher level may beguile multiple wardens: one additional guard per level beyond 5th. Magical or enchanted guardians may also be beguiled, but may save versus spells to resist. Afterwards, the guards have no memory of the wizard's passage.

2. It may summon into being one or more doormen to protect an unguarded portal. At low level, a single servant is summoned, but their number increases as follows: 5th level: 1d4, 8th level: 1d6, 11th level: 2d4, 13th level: 2d6. The doormen are normal men, dressed in smart livery (with advance planning, the wizard may choose the exact design), and armed with ornamental spears (usable in combat, but -1 to hit). The wardens will guard the door to the best of their ability, allowing or denying access according to the wizard's instructions. They are wholly loyal in this task but will, if asked, freely tell their master's name to any who enquire. It is impossible to command the doormen to perform any other task, and they cannot move more than 10' distant from the portal they protect. When the duration (1 hour) expires, the doormen vanish.

Friday, 3 April 2015

Candy Crush

4th level, Range: Touch, Duration: 1 day

This spell enchants a handful of candy (of any kind) with one of two possible magical effects, chosen as it is cast.

1. Any being which eats one of the sweets must save versus spells or become hopelessly infatuated with the wizard. This infatuation lasts for 24 hours, after which affected beings regard the former object of their admiration with a grudging suspicion.

2. The sweets leap from the wizard's palm into the air, expanding to terrifying proportions as they cascade back to earth. Anyone caught within the 30' area in front of the wizard must save versus paralysis or suffer crushing damage from the falling sweets. The amount of damage depends on the type of candy used -- from 2d6 for soft marshmallows to 6d6 for rock hard boiled sweets. The sweets remain in gargantuan dimension for the remainder of the spell's duration and may, during this time, attract children, insects, dogs, and other sweet-loving beasts.

When the duration expires, the sweets spontaneously evaporate in a puff of pink dust.